BEC Tero Sasana

Full Name: BEC Tero Sasana FC
Nickname: The Fire Dragons, The Richer, TERO
Founded: 1992
Home Ground: Thephasadin Stadium
Manager/Coach: Peter Butler (England)


Thai Premier League Champions: 2001, 2001/02
Thai Premier League Runner-Up: 2002/03, 2003/04
Thai FA Cup Champions: 2009
Thai FA Cup Runner-Up: 2009
Kor Royal Cup Champions: 2001
Kor Royal Cup Runner-Up: 2002, 2004
Queen’s Cup Runner-Up: 2009
AFC Champions League Runner-Up: 2002/03
ASEAN Club Championship Runner-Up: 2003


Established in 1992 under the name Sasana Witthaya School, BEC Tero Sasana has a history steeped in success. The club was formed by Mr. Worawi Makudi who many will know from his role on the FIFA Executive Committee.

Sasana has had a number of name changes over the years, relfecting the different owners of the team but has been known as BEC Tero Sasana since 1998.

The club’s greatest achievements came at the turn of the century, when they were crowned champions of the Thai Premier League and also won the Thai FA Cup. The club’s success continued for a few years and culminated with finishing Runner-Up in the 2002/03 AFC Champions League.

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