Zhang Bin

Zhang Bin

Zhang Bin, 32, is a fanatical fan of Chinese football and lives in Shijiahzuang, capital city of Hebei province, 300 km to the South of Beijing.

His favourite clubs from across the globe are are Beijing Guo’an, AC Milan and River Plate.

He started following Beijing Guo’an in 1995, with his most memoriable match being Guo’an’s 9-1 victory against Shanghai Shenhua. The most exciting moment he’s had at a Football game came when Guo’an claimed the 2009 CSL Championship, beating Hangzhou in the last round in front of a packed 65,000 fans in Wokers’ Stadium.

Since 2004, Zhang a regular poster on sevral English football forum, and enjoys introducing the CSL and Chinese football to football fans around the world.

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