Liga Primer Indonesia

Liga Primer Indonesia

Formed: 2010
Number of Teams: 19
Promotion/Relegation: No
Relegation to: N/A
Domestic Cups: -
Current Champions: -
Most number of Championships: -


In September 2010 twenty Indonesian football club, together with the National Football Indonesian Reform Movement issued a declaration relating to concerns over the falling conditions of domestic football.

The clubs then took the initiative to develop the independent Liga Primer Indonesia (LPI). The clubs view the establishment of the LPI as a commitment to growing the standard of of football in Indonesia, both organisationally and financially.

The LPI embraces the princple of division of revenues in a transparent and accountable manner, with revenue shared between clubs based on two schemes - league revenues (league-wide sponsorships, broadcasting etc) and match income (gate receipts, local sponsorships etc).

The inaugural LPI season kicked off in January 2011 and will conclude in November and is being contested by 19 teams, some of which have switched across from the rival Indonesian Super League.

Given its status as a breakaway league the league was not officially recognised by the PSSI. However, with the ongoing turmoil in Indonesian football, FIFA put in place a normalisation committee to run football in the country until the PSSI elections were conducted in July.

This normalisation committee formally recognised the LPI in April, meaning that Indonesian players who play in the competition are now formally recognised by the PSSI and FIFA, thus being eleigible to represent the Indonesian national team.

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