Vegalta Sendai

Full Name: Vegalta Sendai
Nicknames: Vegalta
Founded: 1988 (as Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. Soccer Club)
Home Ground: Sendai Stadium
Manager/Coach: Makoto Teguramori (Japan)


League Champions: -

League Runners-Up: -
J2 Champions: 2009
J2 Runner-Up: 2001
League Cup Winners: -
Emperor’s Cup: -



Vegalta have a loyal fan base

Founded in 1988 as Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. Soccer Club, Vegalta Sendai were one of the inaugural members of the J. League’s Division 2 in 1999. Previous to this, they played in the Tohoku Regional League and were promoted to the Japan Football League (the previous equivalent to a 2nd Division) as Brummel Sendai.

The name Vegalta was formed as a combination between the names of two celestial stars, Vega and Altair, which feature in the legend of the Tanabata, a festival notably held in Sendai.

Despite not being considered a successful club and having spent more of their professional history in the second division, Vegalta have featured several notable players amongst their roster, such as 1990 World Cup champion, Pierre Littbarski, 2008 Olympic gold medalist, Thiago Neves and North Korea’s 2010 World Cup winger, Ryang Yong-Gi.

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