Shimizu S-Pulse

Full Name: Shimizu S-Pulse
Nicknames: S-Pa
Founded: 1991 (as Shimizu F.C.)
Home Ground: Nihondaira Sports Stadium, Shizuoka Stadium
Manager/Coach: Ashfin Ghotbi (Iran)


League Champions: -

League Runners-Up: 1999
League Cup Winners: 1996
League Cup Runners-Up: 1992, 1993, 2008
Super Cup Winners: 2001, 2002
Emperor’s Cup: 2001
Emperor’s Cup Runners-Up: 1998, 2000, 2005, 2010
Asian Cup Winner’s Cup: 2000



Shimizu’s Nihondaira Stadium

As a historically football-oriented area, the Shizuoka prefecture had been desperately crying out for a team for quite some time. After numerous attempts to produce a side that could enter the professional J. League era, several businessmen and various companies joined forces and together created Shimizu FC in 1991. Shortly after their creation, their name evolved into Shimizu S-Pulse, with S-Pulse being a combination of the ‘S’ in ‘Shizuoka’ and ‘Pulse’ representing the heartbeat of its people, essentially referring to the team as the prefecture’s soul.

S-Pulse were one of the founding teams of the league, though unlike the other teams at the start of the new professional era, this was a team that had neither a beginning as a company-owned side nor did it have a history.

Despite not having the background of the company-started clubs nor an established list of players on their books to rely on past experience, S-Pulse have never been relegated from the first division and even had a strong start the their history, appearing in two consecutive League Cup finals in their first two years and finally winning the cup in 1996, as well as appearing in four consecutive international club tournaments, winning their first in 2000.

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