Omiya Ardija

Full Name: Omiya Ardija
Nicknames: Ardija, Squirrels
Founded: 1964 (as NTT Saitama Soccer Selection)
Home Ground: Omiya Park Soccer Stadium
Manager/Coach: Jun Suzuki (Japan)


League Champions: -

League Cup Winners: -
Emperor’s Cup: -

Inducted into J. League Division 2 at its inception in 1999, Omiya Ardija’s history as a football club can be traced back to 1964.

NTT, a Japanese telecommunications company, began the NTT Saitama Soccer Selection in 1964 as the company’s football team for the Saitama prefecture. Five years later, in 1969, the team made their foray into operating as a football club by forming NTT Kanto Football Club and eventually entering the Kanto Regional Football League in 1974.

Winning the National Regional Championship twelve years later in 1986 saw the team enter the Japan Soccer League’s second division and stayed there until 1992, when the (now defunct) Japan Football League was formed.

Upon the formation of the J. League’s Division Two (J2), the team received considerable financial backing from its former parent company and then-sponsor, NTT, and through the next five seasons in J2 it proved to be a worthwhile move, seeing attendances rise with each season. 2004 saw the backing go even further, with the team achieving promotion to the J. League First Division (J1) and, then, expansion of the Omiya Park Soccer Stadium to accommodate the growing attendance figures and J1′s stadium requirements.

The name Ardija refers to the Spanish word ardilla, meaning squirrel, the Omiya ward’s animal mascot.

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