Nanchang Hengyuan

Full Name: Nanchang Bayi Hengyuan FC
Mascot: Dragon
Founded: 2003 (as Shanghai Hengyuan)
Home Ground: Nanchang Bayi Stadium
Manager/Coach: Zhu Jiong (China)

League Champions: -
League Runner-Up: -
FA Cup Winners: -

The club was founded in 2003 as Shanghai Hengyuan FC, at the same year the People’s Liberation Army dismissed part of its sports branch, including the Bayi Football Team.

Shanghai Hengyuan took over the Army team’s position in C-League, and founded a new club with players from Shanghai Hengyuan and Bayi U-19 team known as Nanchang Bayi Hengyuan Football Club. The new club relocated to the city of Nanchang and quickly won promotion from the third tier of Chinese Football to the CSL.

The club is currently owned by Xu Guoliang, boss of the Hengyuan Group.