Asian Football Feast on FourFourTwo Australia

Asian Football Feast on FourFourTwo Australia

I am delighted to announce that I have started a new weekly blog on Asian Football for Australia’s FourFourTwo website.

FourFourTwo is Australia’s #1 football website and was awarded the Integrated Media Brand of the Year and Website of the Year Award at the 2010 Publishers Australia Excellence Award.

This is a fantastic opportunity to increase exposure of Asian Football to a larger audience and one that I am very honoured to have.

Be sure to check out my blogs each week - you can view them by clicking here.

The more hits the articles receive the more the guys at FourFourTwo know that there is a demand for Asian Football news.

My blog each week will go live usually on a Thursday or Friday. My first blog touched on the importance of the Japan vs J.League ‘Team as One’ Charity Match.

Make sure you check the FourFourTwo website later this week to read my latest offering.

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